Superior WRT2000 36″ Wood Burning Fireplace
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Superior WRT2000 36″ Wood Burning Fireplace



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The Superior WRT2000 Wood Burning Fireplace features a traditional hearth design supported by high quality construction. It comes in 36 and 42 inch radiant smooth-faced models that will beautifully complement any home decor. Each model features a log grate and white stacked refractory panels.

The Superior WRT2000 Wood Burning Fireplace will provide great value for your home. You can’t go wrong with exceptional features like a fully insulated firebox on select models, a barometric outside air damper, a push/pull damper control, and a durable, textured powder-coat finish. Invest in quality with this fireplace.


  • Available in 36″ and 42″ radiant smooth-faced models
  • Fully insulated firebox on select models
  • Barometric outside air damper
  • White stacked refractory panels inside firebox
  • Durable, textured powder-coat finish
  • White stacked refractory brick panels
  • Push/pull damper control
  • Includes mesh fire screens
  • Barometric outside air damper
  • Durable textured powder coat finish
  • Uses IHP 8 DM (1700º) double wall air cooled wood burning chimney



Single Face Fireplace
Fuel Type
Venting Type
Natural Draft
ULC S610-M87
Match Lit
Overall Width
44″ | 38″
Overall Depth
Overall Height
33″ | 34″
Viewing Width
36″ | 42″
Viewing Height
21 1/2″
Venting Diameter
Assembly Required
Codes produit universels
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